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Recent Projects


Paulo played a small role as an antagonist introduced late in the first season of BrainDead on CBS. The show was cancelled after one season so we never got to see more of Paulo's character.

Empire the Musical

Paulo portrayed Menzo in a closed presentation of Empire, mounted for industry professionals for the purpose of producing it on Broadway in the coming season.


A short film by director Jorge Del Toro. Available online here.

The Film Reroll

A podcast comedy storytelling project. Paulo hosts and plays many characters throughout. New episodes drop every two weeks (roughly). Available at or on iTunes here.

Binx Films parody series

Paulo acts in several viral parody shorts from Binx Films. Click through to watch.


Paulo portrayed a number of different archetypal comic roles in Emission, a new play that debuted in Theater for the New City's Dream Up festival.

My Crazy Love

Paulo played a principal role in the first season of My Crazy Love, which aired on Oxygen. He played Corey, a love-sick young guy who gets into deep trouble trying to prove himself to the woman of his dreams.

The Bear and Other Jokes

Aleksey Burago directed the Russian Arts Theatre and Studio's production of The Bear, by Anton Chekhov, along with other material adopted from Chekhov's stories. PQ played Smirnoff, the titular Bear, a rough man unwilling to bend to social rules of politeness.

Light and Sound

A surrealist film in which Paulo portrays a number of different archetypes of the hero.

The Snow Queen

PQ played Kay in Aleksey Burago's production of The Snow Queen, by Hans Christian Andersen, presented by the Russian American Cultural Heritage Center.

The Moliere Project

Paulo played Alceste in a special performance of The Moliere Project, a new play developed collaboratively by acclaimed director Aleksey Burago.

Dove's Cry

PQ performed in "Dove's Cry" as part of TinyRhino, a festival of comedic short plays in Brooklyn's Littlefield Peformance and Art Space.

Long Distance Affair

PQ acted in an interesting new project which was presented in the 2013 Buenos Aires Youth Biennial. He performed in New York and was broadcast live to an audience in Argentina.

Billy Bob Boils the Sea

PQ played Billy Bob in this visually lush fairy tale, which performed at the International Children and Youth Theatre Festival in Ordu, Turkey. The production was directed by Aleksey Burago, and produced by the Russian Arts Theatre and Studio.