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Paulo Quiros starred as Macbeth in the immortal Scottish play. This beautifully simple production was directed by Bridget Durkin of Extant Arts. Set at dusk in the rocks and hills in Central Park, PQ's Macbeth was a true tragic hero, a brave, brash soldier, tricked and tempted into destroying himself for the chance to be king. His descent was marked by the slow setting of the sun, with the furious final battle lit by its last few rays.

Melinda Stewart starred as Lady Macbeth, with Peter Caslavka as MacDuff, Ben Sterling as Banquo and Andrew Hoover as Duncan.

PQ on Macbeth: "It was a huge responsibility, taking on that part, but also such a rush to get to do it. What most stands out to me in retrospect was how fantastically all-out we were allowed to go with the combat, which I think too often gets swept aside by productions that don't want to deal with it. Megan Messinger, our coreographer, was given a ton of time to come up with complex routines with the actors, and we ended up getting some real intense battle sequences, the final one lasting several minutes."