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Recent Projects


PQ starred as Oswald in this critically acclaimed first production of Nemonie Craven's new version of Henrik Ibsen's classic text. Paulo's performance was particularly well received:

"Paulo Quiros avoids Oswald's maudlin trap with devilish charm, at once lovable, dangerous, and damned." -

"Quiros, as Oswald, does just that and the results are excellent as he expertly plays torment, sexual desire, rage and ill health." - OffOffOnline

"Mr. Quiros is brilliant as Oswald . . . Quiros is savage and visceral in his portrayal, showing a stunning range between the lusty young man at the height of his powers and the crumbling monster at the depth of his fall." -Quazen, Arts

"The final scene between Mrs. Alving, Regina (Justine Salata), and Oswald (Paulo Quiros) is a gripping success of staging and performance, a true testament to the potential in the ambitious artistry behind this piece." -Theatre is Easy

The production, directed by Sophie Hunter, was well received by critics:

"Whatever it is that makes Ghosts work, Extant Arts Company's production captures it with tormenting fire." -NyTheatre

"Sophie Hunter's compelling direction of the action and the fine, intense performances by the ensemble give this classic immediacy." -NyTheatre

"One of the strongest plays I have seen this year." - Quazen, Arts